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Megalodon Expeditions
Featured on the Travel Channel

The Travel Channel crew hung out with us for a Cash & Treasures feature two years in a row.
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What we are not:

A guide service to look for the biggest possible teeth for you to sell or place on your trophy shelf.

What we are:

A fun and educational guide service with a number of goals:
1) We want you to find not just C. megalodon shark teeth, but bones and teeth from marine and terrestrial mammals, as well as reptiles.
2) We hope you will learn something about our ancient planet that is personal and up-close.
3) We hope you will help us leave the site as clean, if not cleaner than the way we found it.

Megalodon Expedition - Peace River or Creek Sites. We are mainly looking for teeth of C. megalodon and other sharks, but also mammal and reptile fossils. We do walk-in trips and kayak trips. Our walk-in rates are $75 for adults and $50 for children 6 to 12 years-old. Children five and younger are free. Our kayak trip price is $100 per adult, $65 for 12 years-old and younger. However, if your child is 5 or younger and can fit into our small child seat, there is no charge. (Kayaks are tandems, which seat 2 adults with one very small child seat.) School/scout group rates lower for 10 or more on the walk-in trip only.


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Guided hunt for Megalodon
and other sharks teeth
Walk-in or by kayak

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