Teeth belonging mostly to Meg, alias Carcharodon or Carcharcles megalodon. The Peace River in DeSoto, Hardee and Polk counties was once a shallow salt water bay. There is evidence that pregnant female megalodon sharks used the bay as a birthing suite where juveniles measuring 7-10 ft. in length got a chance to grow stronger and larger, feeding on fish, dolphins, dugongs (manatee cousins) and each other.

Easy, safe, fun, educational. For indivdidual beginners, families or groups, ages 5 to 105. Guided expedition to search for prehistoric megalodon teeth, as well as fossil teeth from at least other species of sharks. Our day trips are usually in streams between Arcadia and Wauchula. They are within a reasonable driving distance of Sarsota, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers and Naples.

Method: Screen-washing or snorkeling in knee-deep water. Wear old tennis shoes, shorts, and a hat. Pack a light lunch and drinks. Times and prices vary. Reservations necessary. Call 239-368-3252 or e-mail us at Megshark@earthlink.net.

Although we do not guarantee you will find Megalodon teeth -- escpecially over two inches long, we have yet to come back without finding any shark teeth at all.
The species include: megalodon, great white, mako, tiger, lemon, snaggletooth, sharp-nose, dusky, sand-tiger, bull and others.

Our day trips are designed to enrich your sense of the sciences and leave you with a better understanding of our past marine wilderness. If we come across anything unusual such as a new species of shark or other prehistoric animal, we hope you will contribute it to the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, FL. What an honor to be able to share a worthy find with the public so that everyone benefits.

In addition to sharks teeth, many of our sites also contain bones and teeth of prehistoric marine and terrestrial mammals, as well as reptiles. Ancient creatures that have left a bit of themselves behind include mammoths, mastodons, giant sloths, horses, camels, llamas, giant tortoises, turtles, jaguars, saber-toothed cats, rhinos, tapirs, alligators and snakes.

Our walk-in rates are $75 for adults and $50 for children 6 to 12 years old. Children five and younger are free. Our kayak trip price is $100 per adult, $65 for 12 years-old and younger. However, if your child is 5 or younger and can fit into our small child seat, there is no charge. (Kayaks are tandems, which seat 2 adults with one very small child seat.) School/scout group rates lower for 10 or more on the walk-in trip only. We would appreciate it if you would make reservations as soon as you know your schedule. We ask for a credit card number to hold your reservation. We hold your reservation by credit card. It would help us if you would give us more than one day in which you're available. Once you reserve by credit card, we cannot offer a refund, but we will reschedule your trip based on our availability. If an impending storm forces us to cancel, we will offer a refund or reschedule.

In approximately 20 years of fossil expeditions, the most fiercesome creature ever to bite one of our customers was a fire ant. Still, our trips come with a certain amount of risk. Therefore we ask that you sign our liability form before participating. (Click here). We would appreciate it if you will print the form, sign it and bring it with you the day of your trip.

For questions or reservations, please call 239-368-3252 or e-mail us at Megshark@earthlink.net.

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